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like this if you’re a Saturdays related blog :)

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you know you are real fangirl when you think you’re like best friends with the person you fangirl over then when you take a moment to realize you have never met them nor do they know you exist and you want to cry.

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I’m like this beat yes, crazy and infectious.

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The Saturdays popped in to chat to Greg, we found this old photo from back in the day. Somehow Greg looks younger AND more awkward now. Good job the girls look lovely.

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Gifs of Una Healy [requested by patronouskirch]

I tried to make my cupcake look like Mollie King

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So, we made a video of us making fun of Taylor Swift. 

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Come on TeamSats, our girls are up against ... Little Mix in this weeks Pop-Off. They beat Mindless Behavior last week and now they have to beat Little Mix. Voting closes on the 11th and you can vote as many times as you want. It's going to be a close race! SO VOTE!  

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Vote for The Saturdays 

TeamSats WORLDWIDE, our girls our in a battle of the best girl groups singles. Our girls have four singles up and we can vote for all four!

Follow the link and select Up, All Fired Up, Ego and Higher by The Saturdays. Voting closes the 16th of Feb! 

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